In 2020, after several months of discussion, we – the partners of this project, were convinced that it is extremely important to work on the establishment of innovative management models in a bio-based economy in the cross-border region of Maritsa Evros, which in turn will help build an environment for better informed decision-making processes, social engagement and innovation. This is the basis we founded in developing EU 2 BIO.

The focus of the project and its activities allow a wide range of stakeholders from the cross-border region to improve their skills and knowledge, thus increasing opportunities for the development of bioproducts in both countries, based on two main approaches:


entrepreneurial culture, thus aiming to influence the rate of formation of new businesses in the field of organic agriculture in the cross-border region


the factors affecting entrepreneurial success, thereby aiming to influence the long-term success of these enterprises in the field of organic agriculture in the cross-border region

In this regard, the project envisages the implementation of three main activities – strategic analyses, strategic planning and promotion of the cross-border bio area.

The specific objectives of the project are related to:

Among the expected results after completion of the project are:

Beneficiary and lead partner on the project is Association "Business Center - Maritsa" from Bulgaria

6300 Haskovo, 150 Bulgaria Blvd., floor 3, office 322

The association is registered as a non-profit legal entity in 2009, with the aim of supporting the development of family, small and medium-sized businesses in Haskovo region, assisting in generating new ideas, exchanging information and experience from developed market societies to reduce unemployment in the region, to support the non-governmental sector and create favorable conditions for its development.

On the Greek side, the activities are managed by the Federation of Professionals, Crafts and Trade Associations of Evros

307, Leoforos Dimokratias str. (Building Evros Chamber of Commmerce) Alexandroupolis

The Federation of Professionals, Crafts and Trade Associations of Evros (OEBES Evros) is a secondary professional organization (federation) founded in 1945. The members of the federation are the main trade unions of bakers, tavern and cafe owners, traders, retailers, electricians, plumbers, hairdressers and grocers from the Prefecture of Evros in Greece. The objectives of the organization are to consolidate, preserve, study and promote the common economic, social and professional interest of its members in the service of the community as a whole.