On line campaign to popularize the opportunities for creation of a bio region: Organic production in Haskovo Region

Organic production in Haskovo Region

In recent years, organic agriculture in Bulgaria is one of the sectors which, in the conditions of crisis, is developing at a rapid pace, with the areas and the number of producers included in a control system constantly increasing. The reasons are related to the very good prerequisites in our country for its development – ecologically preserved areas; awareness and desire of consumers to eat healthy; realized benefits for the environment and rural areas; support for organic producers – as well as the good reception of organic products on foreign markets. For 2020, the area of organic agricultural land in Bulgaria, including the areas in transition, amounts to 116,253 hectares with a share of 2.3% of the total agricultural land for the same year. During this period, there were 5,942 producers of organic products in the country, 249 processors, 22 importers, and 2 exporters of organic products.

At the same time, agriculture in Haskovo Region is defined as a traditional activity for the population, and its development over time is determined by the good qualities of the soil and favorable agro-climatic conditions. What is the development, however, of organic agriculture in the region is a question that EU2BIO project investigates, with the aim of increasing the interest and attracting the attention of the public to organic production, the trends in its development and its importance in the development of Haskovo region and creating prerequisites for the development of organic production on the territory of Haskovo region. In this regard, a “Research on Bio production in Haskovo Region” on EU2BIO project, was carried out. Some of the research highlights are presented here:

  • as of January 2023, there are 273 operators in Haskovo region, registered in the database of producers, processors and traders of agricultural products and food produced in organic way;
  • the largest number of registered operators are in Haskovo Municipality (26%), followed by Svilengrad Municipality (24%) and Harmanli Municipality (15%);
  • the largest number of certified organic areas are in the territory of Mazharovo Municipality (34.8% of the organic areas in Haskovo Region);
  • the largest amount of organic produce is produced in Svilengrad Municipality – 1,336.36 tons for 2022.

More interesting data could be found in the paper “Research on Bio production in Haskovo Region” here:

Text in Bulgarian: https://bcentermaritza.info/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/Research_Bio-production_Haskovo_2023.pdf

Text in Greek: https://bcentermaritza.info/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/Research_Bio-production_Haskovo_2023_GR.pdf

Text in English: https://bcentermaritza.info/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/Research_Bio-production_Haskovo_2023-EN.pdf