On line campaign to popularize the opportunities for creation of a bio region

What does “organic” mean?

What are the conditions a farm must meet to be “organic”?

What are the advantages that determine the development of organic production on the territory of Haskovo Region?

What are the problems for the development of organic products in Haskovo region?

How to register geographical indication and what are the benefits of this registration??

What are the legislative and administrative requirements in the field of organic production?

Who are the operators of organic products and what are the local organic products on the territory of Haskovo Region?

How can education influence sustainable development?

Where to learn more about the topics related to organic production and agriculture?

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Organic production in Haskovo Region

Perspectives and problems for the development of bio products in Haskovo Region

Opportunities to register a cross-border geographical indication and a package of documentation for registering a geographical indication

Video lessons on legislative and administrative requirements regarding organic production

Are you looking for data on retailers and restaurants offering organic products in Haskovo Region?

Barriers to buying local organic products and customers preferences

Have you heard of the concept of sustainable development?

Тraining course for producers of organic products

Тraining course for organic consumers

You are looking for up-to-date information about local organic products in Haskovo Region?