How to develop organic production in Haskovo Region?

How to develop organic production in Haskovo Region? Answers to this question qould be found in the paper „Common: Strategy; Action plan; Standardized management practices; Actions to establish new companies for bio production, organized as a “total package of personalized support services“ developed under EU2BIO project. За тази цел са идентифицирани:

– Vision: Haskovo region – a leading place for sustainable organic production in Bulgaria.

– Objectives:

1. Knowledge and experience – Haskovo Region must have access to the knowledge and expertise it needs to develop regional organic production.

2. Market and competitiveness

3. Organic resources and returns

4. Cooperation

5. Transparency and communication

– Action plan for the strategy for organic production in Haskovo Region

In addition, the paper also provides the following information to help producers who want to switch to organic production – a set of standardized management practices in the field of organic production, as well as actions to create new companies starting production, processing, import and supply activities on the organic food market.

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