There are suitable conditions for the creation of bio-clutters in the Haskovo region with the following purposes: protection of the common interests of the members through protection of natural and legal persons working in organic farmingdeveloping cooperation between them; organizing research activities for the establishment and strengthening of clusters and support of research activities about needs of raw materials, input materials, delivery of machinery and equipment, logistics, marketing, promotion, training, scientific research and development activities, use of financial resources, collaboration with local and national networks, etc.; contributions to preserving public health and the environment, and promoting sustainable development through research that encourages and disseminates the production, consumption, and utilization of organic products.

In order for a cluster to be legitimate, it must have the corresponding legal status that identifies it as a full member of the market, and in order to be effective, it must have working internal rules, which will regulate its activity.

In this regard, the paper from the link below developed under EU2BIO project provides information about: the legislation in Bulgaria, requiring the creation of a cluster, governing the establishment of a cluster, disclosing the corresponding specifics of registration and financial reporting and presents a Model for Internal Regulations for the activities of associations and clusters in the field of organic production within the territory of Haskovo region.